About Us

The Sequestrian is a regenerative and sustainable lifestyle website and creative studio. We’re storytellers, product designers, content creators, explorers, and life enthusiasts hoping to inspire growth and curiosity. We collaborate with like-minded businesses, brands, old friends and new across a broad spectrum of projects. We are students for life and agents of change.

Welcome to The Sequestrian.

I think it’s safe to say that I am a woman of many passions. Design, sustainability, travel, photography and storytelling; all occupy a very real place in my heart.

Born and raised in a small town in Silicon Valley, California, I grew up surrounded by both innovation and nature. That culture, combined with my family’s passion for craftsmanship and the arts, gave root to my thirst for variety and creativity.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in film production from USC in Los Angeles and a Master’s in Sustainability from Hawaii Pacific University. I also hold a certification in Biomimicry Design from the Biomimicry Institute and have studied fashion design and photography in San Francisco, Cuba, and Spain. Two years ago I moved to the beautiful island of O’ahu, Hawai’i!

I started a fashion brand in 2014 and after working in the industry for five years, I could no longer ignore the vast amounts of waste and unsustainable practices perpetuated by the industry. I also kept finding small brands doing amazing work to create more eco-friendly products, and I wanted to find a way to promote them. I made the decision to pivot my career into sustainability and then to go back to school to become better informed about challenges and solutions to solving climate change. Over the past decade I have also worked as a Co-Founder and Executive on a wide range of projects, including sustainable floating cities, a gourmet food truck, immersive event production, blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, and more.

In early 2021 I had the great fortune of meeting an incredible group of people interested in competing in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal, a competition funded by the Musk Foundation. Together we formed Pull To Refresh, a growing team working on gathering, cultivating, and sinking macroalgae in the deep sea for long-term carbon sequestration. One of our co-founders lovingly called our autonomous solar vessels Sequestrians ~ which inspired the name of this site.

I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with an incredible range of creatives and brands thus far. With over a decade of experience as a creative producer, designer, consultant, and entrepreneur, I’ve been given the opportunity to tell beautiful stories and shift cultural paradigms. I look forward to continuing to open up conversations about the future, design, sustainability, wellness, and culture.  

Get in touch, maybe we’ve got a story to tell together!