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Wearing eco-friendly hiking boots in Scotland

6 Awesome Plastic Free and Eco-Friendly Hiking Boots and Shoes

Quick Links To Shoes Featured In This Post Hemp Shoe RulerCheck out the Vivobarefoot Gobi III EcoCheck out the Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Knit ShoeVibram Men’s and Women’s ShoesRawganique vegan boots and shoesIcebug hiking boots for men and women I’ve been an avid hiker all my life. Nature is where I go to clear my mind and relax. It just doesn’t feel

girl assessing sustainability of brands on computer

How Do We Assess The Sustainability Of Brands?

By Lena Milton A growing number of consumers worldwide are using their buying power to push industries into sustainability. With them, companies are changing their business operations to accommodate their sustainability efforts. However, many brands use greenwashing tactics to make their products seem more sustainable than they really are. As consumers, it’s important to be

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4 Plastic-Free and Eco Friendly Shampoo Options

Quick Links – Eco Friendly Shampoo Brands Featured in this Post Plaine Products Refillable Shampoo Zero Waste MVMT Shampoo Bars Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo Powder What is Eco Friendly Shampoo? If you want to use the most eco friendly shampoo you can, the best options are free from toxic chemicals, either refillable or water free,

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9 Aromatic Vegan, Organic, and Eco-Friendly Candles

Every product is carefully selected by our editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Candles can freshen a room with a clean scent or create a cozy vibe on a rainy day. They can make your space feel luxurious – but in reality, most candles’ negative environmental and health effects


What is Greenwashing?

Being conscious about your carbon footprint and the activities you’re doing to live a more eco-friendly life are steps in the right direction. This is true for both business owners and consumers.  However, many companies, brands, and the media have started using green-living buzzwords to exaggerate reality, blurring the lines between what’s eco-friendly and what’s

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7 Plastic-Free and Eco Friendly Swimwear Brands

Quick Links – Eco Friendly Swimwear Brands Featured in this Post Natasha Tonić hand-dyed hemp swimwearOuterknown wool swim trunksAkoia swim cotton swimwearSLO Active plant-based rubber swimwear She Made Me hand crocheted swimwearSWIMM zero waste swimwearReformation carbon neutral swimwear What Makes a Swimsuit more Eco Friendly? Most swimsuits are made from plastic textiles that are harmful

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20 Vegan and Plant Based Leather Bags and Accessories

Disclosure: Every product is carefully selected by our editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Quick Links to Brands Featured in this Post Check out Veerah Appeel shoes and accessories and get 10% off using code SEQUESTRIAN10 Kantala Handbags Eve Cork Bags Colibries Backpacks Nae Vegan Shoes Watson and Wolfe

eco-friendly gifts

10+ Best Eco-Friendly Gifts on Etsy

So…. I’m supposed to be studying for finals, but I’m having much more fun holiday shopping! I’m making an extra effort to shop from small and sustainable brands this year, and I always find the best handmade, eco-friendly gifts on Etsy. Etsy is my always favorite place to look for cute stocking stuffers, and I’ve

biophilic design

What is Biophilic Design?

The word “biophilia” is an ancient Greek term used to describe a person’s love for nature. This passion has carried forward into home interior and exterior design. Coined as biophilic design, this unique art form uses natural elements to inspire nature in living spaces. I love having pieces of nature surround me, whether I’m in my home,

sustainable design book

10 Beautiful Books About Sustainable Design

“Humans don’t have a pollution problem, we have a design problem.” -William McDonough, author of The Upcycle and Cradle to Cradle Sustainable design is the future for consumers, creators, and the environment. Here is a roundup of my favorite books about sustainable design that look beautiful on a coffee table and also make great gifts! 10